Costco Sushi Review in 2024

Costco has embarked on a fresh venture by introducing sushi made in their stores, setting a new standard for supermarket sushi. This initiative began in Issaquah, Washington, where Costco started crafting sushi on-site, attracting eager crowds curious to taste this new offering. The introduction of freshly made sushi marks a significant departure from Costco’s usual practice of selling pre-packaged sushi made by others.

Types of Sushi at Costco in 2024

In 2024, Costco’s sushi selection boasts a diverse range of options to cater to varied preferences:

  • Nigiri: Featuring fish or shrimp atop rice.
  • Uramaki: Rolls with rice on the outside.
  • Sashimi: Slices of raw fish served without rice.
  • Poke Bowls: Fresh ahi tuna cubes paired with flavorful dressings.
  • DIY Poke Bowls: Offering the freedom to customize with rice, fish, edamame, and sauce.
  • Sushi Platters at Costco: A convenient option for gatherings, comprising a variety of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

Costco Sushi Platters

Costco’s sushi platters have gained popularity due to their generous portions, freshness, and variety. Priced at around $30, these platters contain over 50 pieces of sushi, including salmon, tuna, and kingfish, making them ideal for family gatherings or large meals. To ensure availability, it’s advisable to order ahead, although Costco now offers the convenience of new sushi stations in-store, reducing wait times.

Costco Sushi: A Surprisingly Delicious Deal

Despite initial skepticism, Costco’s sushi offerings prove to be a delightful surprise for many. With portions that don’t disappoint, customers receive value for their money. Each box includes two rolls, 12 pieces of nigiri, and 12 sashimi slices, providing ample servings for a satisfying meal. While the price may seem steep, it remains competitive compared to other sushi options, both at grocery stores and local restaurants.

Sushi Roll Review

Among the various sushi options, the California Roll stands out for its authentic steamed crab, crisp cucumber, and creamy avocado. Topped with fried onions, it offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Conversely, the Spicy Tuna Roll, while adequately spiced, leans heavily on mayo, resulting in a somewhat overpowering taste.

Nigiri Review

The nigiri selection impresses with generous portions of salmon, tuna, and shrimp. While the salmon stands out for its freshness and flavor, the oversized pieces make consumption somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, considering the overall quality and quantity, it remains a satisfactory choice for sushi enthusiasts.

Sashimi Review

Despite its visual appeal, the sashimi fails to deliver on freshness, with the tuna and salmon lacking the desired quality. However, the scallop emerges as a surprising highlight, offering a refreshing burst of flavor. For those disappointed with the sashimi, repurposing leftovers into fish tacos provides a creative solution.

ype of SushiDescription
NigiriFeaturing fish or shrimp atop rice.
UramakiRolls with rice on the outside.
SashimiSlices of raw fish served without rice.
Poke BowlsFresh ahi tuna cubes paired with flavorful dressings.
DIY Poke BowlsOffering the freedom to customize with rice, fish, edamame, and sauce.
Sushi Platters at CostcoA convenient option for gatherings, comprising a variety of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.


In conclusion, Costco’s foray into sushi marks a significant milestone in its culinary offerings. While it may not rival high-end sushi establishments, Costco’s sushi presents a compelling option for those seeking quality sushi at an affordable price. The convenience of in-store preparation ensures freshness, making it a viable choice for casual dining or gatherings. With continued refinement, Costco’s sushi venture holds the potential to become a staple in households across the nation.

Is Costco sushi made fresh?

Yes, Costco sushi is made fresh in-store, offering customers the assurance of quality and freshness with each purchase.

How much does a Costco sushi platter cost?

The cost of a Costco sushi platter typically ranges around $30, offering excellent value for the generous servings and variety it provides.

Are there vegetarian options available in Costco’s sushi selection?

Yes, Costco offers vegetarian options in its sushi selection, catering to diverse dietary preferences.

Can I customize my sushi order at Costco?

While Costco’s pre-packaged sushi options are standardized, customers have the flexibility to create their own sushi rolls at home using DIY Poke Bowl kits available at some locations.

What sets Costco’s sushi apart from other supermarket options?

Costco’s sushi stands out due to its freshness, generous portions, and competitive pricing, making it a popular choice among consumers.

Are there any allergy considerations for Costco sushi?

Customers with allergies should exercise caution and carefully check ingredient labels, as Costco’s sushi may contain allergens such as seafood, soy, and gluten.

How long does Costco sushi stay fresh?

Costco sushi is best consumed fresh or within a day of purchase to ensure optimal taste and quality.

Can I pre-order Costco sushi platters for special events?

Yes, customers can pre-order Costco sushi platters for special events to ensure availability and convenience, making it ideal for gatherings and parties.