Costco Pizza Menu with Prices 2024

Costco, the beloved wholesale retailer, isn’t just known for its bulk buys and warehouse-sized aisles. It’s also celebrated for its scrumptious food court offerings, and at the heart of this culinary paradise is none other than the iconic Costco pizza.

As you stroll through the aisles, marveling at the towering shelves and diverse array of products, the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizza wafts through the air, beckoning you to the food court. It’s an irresistible siren call, drawing you closer to a gastronomic adventure that promises both satisfaction and affordability.

But what makes Costco pizza such a standout? Is it the generous toppings, the unbeatable prices, or perhaps the unbeatable combination of both?

Join me on a journey as we explore the delectable world of Costco pizza, uncovering its secrets, unraveling its mysteries, and ultimately indulging in its mouthwatering goodness. From the cheesy delights of a classic slice to the savory perfection of a whole pie, Costco pizza offers something for everyone, making it a cherished favorite among loyal customers and newcomers alike.

So grab a plate, pull up a chair, and get ready to feast on the ultimate Costco pizza experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Pizza Cost at Costco Food Court?

Costco’s pizza remains budget-friendly, with slices priced at $1.99 and whole 18-inch pizzas available for $9.95. Despite the limited selection, the prices are reasonable, making Costco pizza a convenient option for customers.

How Many Slices Are in an 18-inch Pizza from Costco?

Customers can expect approximately twelve slices in an 18-inch Costco pizza. Additionally, upon request, Costco offers the option to cut the pizza into eighteen smaller slices, ideal for sharing or smaller appetites.

How Many Costco Food Court Pizzas Do I Need for 25 People?

For a gathering of 25 people, ordering 2 to 4 large pizzas from Costco’s food court is recommended. With each pizza offering twelve slices, this ensures that everyone receives a fair portion.

Can I Order Costco Food Section Pizza Ahead of Time?

Yes, customers have the convenience of pre-ordering pizza from Costco’s food section. By calling ahead, individuals can place their orders and pick them up without having to wait, streamlining the process.

Why is Costco’s Pizza So Good?

Costco’s pizza is renowned for its generous portion of mixed cheese, comprising a blend of mozzarella, parmesan, and provolone. This combination contributes to the pizza’s delicious flavor and appeal to customers.

Can You Get Half and Half Pizza at Costco?

Certainly, Costco offers the option of half-and-half pizzas, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of toppings in a single order. To ensure availability, it’s advisable to place the order ahead of time.

How Many Costco Wholesale Store Pizzas Do I Need for 10 Adults?

For a gathering of 10 adults, ordering 2 to 4 large pizzas from Costco’s wholesale store is recommended. With each pizza containing twelve slices, this ensures that there is enough pizza to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

How Many People Will 6 Costco Pizzas Feed?

Six 18-inch pizzas from Costco can comfortably feed between 36 to 60 people, making them an excellent choice for larger gatherings or events. Providing a variety of toppings ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

How Many Pizzas Do I Need for 50 People?

To accommodate a party of 50 people, ordering approximately 20 large pizzas from Costco is advised. This allows for three slices per person and ensures that there is enough pizza to go around. Offering a variety of toppings caters to different tastes and preferences.

Kirkland Signature Pepperoni Pizza
Whole 18″ Pizza$9.95
Calorie Information
Cheese710 calories
Pepperoni650 calories