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Hamsters are adorable and furry companions. They are popular among pet lovers for their playful acts and cute little paws.

As responsible pet owners, you always try to give your baby a healthy and a balanced diet. While looking at plenty of food options on the market you might think: Can hamsters be fed on refreshing green leaves of Cilantro?

The answer is yes. Cilantro is a safe herb for your little buddy.

In this article, we will know the nutritional value of cilantro. We will see how to prepare cilantro or coriander for your hamster.

And also explore vet’s guidelines for feeding cilantro to hamsters.

Cilantro in Hamster’s Diet:

Hamsters are omnivorous, which means they can eat from wide-range of food options. These include mainly seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

It is vital to know that they get nutritious diet because their health and well-being depends on that.  However, it is not necessary what suits us humans will be compatible to hamsters.

That is why it is important to assess if cilantro fits into their dietary spectrum.

Nutritional Value and benefits of Cilantro:

Cilantro is used in different cuisines for its unique flavor and aroma. It is packed with essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron and carbohydrates. However, it offers potential benefits to hamsters.

First, let’s look into the nutritional value of Cilantro:

Every 16 g serving of cilantro include the nutrients as follows:

Nutritional Value    Vitamins          Minerals  
Energy 3.7 kCal  Vit D 0.00mg          0%Potassium 83 mg            2%  
 Fat 0.1g                       0%                      iron0.28 mgCalcium 10.72mg 1%  
Carbohydrates0.6g      0% Sodium 7.4 mg     0%  
Dietary Fiber0.4g    1%    
Sugar 0.1 g               0%  
Protein 0.3g             1%  

Can hamsters eat Cilantro?

Yes. Hamsters can eat cilantro if served in a moderate quantity. The nutritional composition of cilantro consisting of vitamins and antioxidants can be beneficial for hamsters if it is offered sensibly.

Do hamsters like Cilantro?

Every hamster is different when it comes to food choices. Some hamsters might enjoy eating cilantro; others might not like that so much. Introduce cilantro gradually and observe your hamster’s reaction to see if they like this herb.

How to Feed Cilantro to Your Hamster:

There are few vet’s approved that must be followed before offering cilantro to hamsters.

Moderation is the key:

Hamsters love hoarding on food .Every food including cilantro should be in moderate amount. It is important to know that they have sensitive digestive system. They cannot digest everything in huge quantity. Overfeeding can put your pet in trouble. They might get gas, bloating, or diarrhea.

You can offer a strand or two of cilantro to your pet as a treat regularly or on alternate days.

Gradual Introduction:

Always start off with a little quantity of cilantro in the beginning. After confirming that it does not have any bad effects like allergy, gas, or diarrhea you may increase the quantity gradually.

Allergic Reactions:

Always pay attention to your pet when you introduce something new for any allergic reaction for example swelling on the face, diarrhea, or other stomach problems.

Do not hesitate to take your hamster to the veterinary doctor if any of the above reactions occur.

Fresh Cilantro:

Hamsters like fresh veggies/herbs more. You can offer them one or two strands of cilantro but do not forget to cut the roots. And see your little buddies enjoying their treat.

Balanced Diet: 

A balanced diet is very important for the healthy growth and life of a hamster. Do not rely on a single veggie/herb or fruit. A good combination of various fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and worms makes a balanced diet for your pet.

Wash Before Serving:

Always wash cilantro before serving them to your pet to remove any dirt or pesticide present to avoid any problems.

Other Herbs that Hamsters Can Eat

There are many safe herbs other than cilantro which can be offered to hamsters.


Parsley belongs to cilantro family, is a green herb. It is also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. It surely can be a good treat for your little friend.


Basil also contains many antioxidants and minerals which help hamsters fight many diseases. Hamsters do like basil generally.


This aromatic herb can also be given to the hamsters in moderate amount occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my Dwarf Hamster eat cilantro?

Yes. Dwarf Hamster can eat cilantro in moderate amount occasionally.

Can Russian Dwarf Hamsters eat cilantro?

Yes. Russian Dwarf Hamster can enjoy cilantro as occasional treat.

Can Syrian/Golden hamsters eat cilantro?

Yes, Syrian/Golden hamsters can eat cilantro in small amount now and then.

Can teddy bear hamsters eat cilantro?

Yes, teddy bear hamsters can eat cilantro on occasions in small quantity.

Do hamsters like cilantro?

Every hamster is unique when it comes to food choice. While some might like devouring on cilantro and others might reject it altogether.


Cilantro is a nutritious herb and can be offered to your hamster as an occasional treat. However, it is very important to know if your hamster likes eating it or not.

Similarly, it is also necessary to observe your pet closely when you introduce cilantro in their diet for any adverse reactions. It is a good idea to add up few herbs in their diet while providing a balanced diet.

Always follow the vet’s recommended diet guidelines while feeding your hamster. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if your hamster experiences any allergic reactions after eating cilantro.



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